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Volume2 , Issue2 , February- 2014

#TitleAuthor, Place
1Reversible Information Hiding Method For Stream Ciphered,Wavelet Compressed ImageM. Vanitha, India
2Implementing The Migration Of Software Applications To Cloud ComputingS.Senthilkumar ME
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, India
3Improving The Performance For Failure-Aware Resource Provisioning In CloudK.K.Kanagamathanmohan, India
4Mouse For Handless HumansKhaled , Nouradine Benazir, India
5Ontology Based Patent Search ParadigmMursal Ayub Harsoori, Mazharuddin Prashant, India
6Unconstitutional Access Tracing SystemPayal .C. Shah Ayub, India
7Privacy Protection In Social Networking Sites (Sns)Ms.Suganya Balakrishnan, M.E (CSE), Mr.C.Stanley Gladson, M.Tech, India
8Mining User Queries Application To Online Image RecoveryB.Gunasekaran, Gopisaran.M.A, India
9Organizing Confidence Model For Peer-Peer SystemsR.Santhosh, B.Prasath, India
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