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Volume4, Issue4, April -2016

#TitleAuthor, Place
1Context Aware Driver Behaviour Detection System In Intellitent Transportation SystemJohn Wesly Salagala , Mr. S. Sarath Chandra , india
2Review Selection Using Micro-ReviewsMs. L.Priyadharshini ME., Yoga.R., ME ,, india
3Robust Face-Name Graph Matching For Variant Video FramesC.Navamani MCA.,M.Phil.,M.E., S.Sakthivel, India
4Factors Affecting The Cost Of Building Material In Construction ProjectsRajaprabha R, Velumani P, Jayanthi B
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, India
5Study On Properties Of Ricehusk AshC.Vasavi, R.IndrajithKrishnan, India
6Power saving upto 75% with fully static Topologically-Compressed 21Transistor’s Flip-FlopBobbadhi.Gangadhara Rao, Kassey.Rajasekhar, India
7Design And Structural Analysis Of Heavy Duty Vehicle Fornt AxleS. Eswaran , B.Dinakaran , L.Jeevankumar , K.P.Karthick , S.Karthick, India
8A Study On Hazard Identification And Risk Management In Construction SiteMurugeshan. V, Christopher Gnanaraj.S , Lizia Thankam.G , india
9Low Power Variable Latency Multiplier With AH LogicK.V. Hari Krishna, Srivalli Kiranmayi Sridhara, india
10Onsite Construction Management Safety Using Bim And Qr CodesV.Usharani, P.Velumani, G.Liziya thangam, India
11Secure Data Communication Using Group Key In Dynamic PeersC.Mani, MCA., M.Phil.,ME., R.Ramasamy, india
12Video Transmission Over Lossy Mobile Cloud NetworkMs. K.E.Eswari MCA.,M.Phil , S. Sundharsamy
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, India
13Multimodal Biometric Authentication System Using Feature Level FusionAravindhraj Natarajan, Dr.N.Shanthi
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, India
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