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Volume3, Issue12 ,December -2015

#TitleAuthor, Place
1Enhanced Performance Of Active Power Filter Using Ann For Grid Connected Renewable Energy SystemT.Siva Prasad , Mr. A. Anjaneyulu
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, India
2An Efficient Classification With Merging Algorithm And Optimization Approach For Multiple Time Series Clinical Data Processing
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Priyanga.M, Dr.S.Uma ,Bhuvaneshwari P, India
3Wear Analysis on Aluminium – Boron Carbide and Fly Ash Hybrid CompositesJ.Jayakumar, M.Mariyappan, M.Vivekanadhan
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, India
4A New Secure Image Transmission Technique Via Secret Fragment-Visible Mosaic Images By Nearly Reversible Colour Transformations
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D.Jyotsna , Sri.P.A.Nageswara Rao, India
5Survey On Anomaly Detection In VideoPavithra.M, Dr.S.Uma ,Mathankumar.M, India
6Admm In Blind Image Deblurring With Unknown FrontiersSheek Parveen, Sri. B. Suneetha
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, India
7A Study On Bulk Utilization Of Flyash In Stabilization Of Gravel SoilsKanumuri Sravan Sitha Rama Raju , N.Vidya Sagar Lal, India
8Industrial Multi Parameters Data Logger Using CAN ProtocolDudekula Mohammad Nayab Rasool , Naveen Bavana, India
9Voice Signal Denoising With Cryptography Keying Using MatlapPranavsreerajhen.S , Raagesh.I , Rajkumar.R , Sherny.X, India
10Improved And Ensemble Methods For Time Series Classification With CoteYamunadevi S, Dr.S.Uma ,Bhuvaneshwari P
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, India
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