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Volume3, Issue6, June -2015

#TitleAuthor, Place
1Torsional Behaviour Of Rc Beams Strengthened Using Coir FibreC.Minikala, N. Sakthieswaran , India
2Flexural Behaviour Of Precracked R.C Beams Strengthening Using Copper Slag Added Ferrocement Composites On All The Exposed SurfacesSuresh T, N.Sakthieswaran
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, India
3Globally Distributed System To Improve Software Process DevelopmentTamilselvan.V
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, India
4Mechanical Properties Of Self Compacting Concrete Containing Silica Fume And Steatite PowderPadmanapan.M , N.Sakthieswaran, India
5A Study On Labour Productivity And Possibilities Of Its ImprovementM.DheenaDhayalan , S.Alean, India
6Comparative Study On Estimation Of Wall Panel System With Conventional Building Works In Construction IndustryK.Kalaipriya, R.Jayanthi, India
7Study Of Material Waste Minimization And Reuse ManagementV.Pragadeeswaran, S.Alan, India
8Cost Management By Using Optimum Construction TechniquesS. Suganya , S. Alan, Jostin.P.Jose,, India
9Hydrogen Production From The Dairy Waste Water Using anaerobic Sequence Batch ReactorM.Balaji, P. Balaganesh, India
10Reclamation Of Cauvery River To Treating Sewage Water Using PhragmitesT. Shankara Narayanan, P. Balaganesh
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, India
11Study Of Nutrient Removal From Dairy Waste Water Using Continuous Anaerobic Sludge Blanket ProcessK.Nandhakumar, P.Balaganesh, India
12Equipment Management In Construction SectorPrasannasangeetha.A, Alan.S, India
13Comparative Study of Glyphosate Removal by Adsorption TechniqueV.Harini, S.Parameswari, India
14Treatment Of Textile Dyeing Wastewater By Applying Photo-Fenton Oxidation TechnologyKiruthiga.R,Mr.Sampathkumar.V, India
15Reduction Of Tds Content From Solar Evaporation Pan By Using Portulaca Oleracea And Typha And Typha In Textile IndustryNandhini.k ,Mekala L
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, India
16Comparative Study On Phosphate Removal In Bhavani River Water By Selected Bacterial IsolatesRohini C , Mekala L., India
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