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Volume3, Issue5, May -2015

#TitleAuthor, Place
1Mechanical Evalution Of Al 6061-Sic-Fly Ash Through Stir CastingS.Sivaraman, M.Mariyappan, M.Gopala krishnan, India
2A Comparative Study on Mechanical Behaviour of Concrete Containing Different Mineral Admixtures as Partial Replacement of CementK.R.Shankar, P.Dinesh Kumar, India
3FPGA implementation of Multifunction Vehicle Bus Controller with Class 2 interface and verification using Beaglebone BlackR.Aarthipriya, S.B Chitrapreyanka, India
4Severity Rating Of Time And Cost Overrun In Construction ProjectsK.Mukilan, R. Jayanthi, India
5Material Waste Management In Construction IndustriesB.Sasidharani, R. Jayanthi, India
6Web Forums Crawler For Analysing User SentimentsM.Selvi N.Shyamala M.Sowmya T.Elavarasi, India
7Transposal Of Data With High Security In Wsn’sP.Murugan, R.Ramesh kumar, India
8A Prediction Based Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks using Enabling/Disabling SchemeS. Nithya, P.Sathyasutha, India
9Mechanical Properties Of SCC With Steatite Powder, Silica Fume And FibreE.Murugesan M.E (Structural ),,Dr.N.Sakthieswaran Ph.D., India
10MPPT and Voltage Balancing Control With Sensing Only Inductor Current Three-Level, Boost-Type ConvertersS.Assly Steffy , S.Arumuguam, India
11Retrofitting Of Reinforced Concrete Beam Using Reinforced Ferrocement Laminate1Dhamodaran.N.N, N.Sakthieswaran, India
12Strengthening Of Reinforced Cement Concrete Beam Using Fibrous Ferrocement LaminatesGanapathy L, N.Sakthieswaran, India
13Comparing Data Mining Techniques For Software Defect PredictionA.Parameswari, India
14Rate Adaptive Packetized Wireless Communication Links Under JammingM.R.Sathya(II-ME-CSE) , B.Sivanathan(AP/CSE), M.R.Nithya(AP/CSE), India
15Study on Identification of Delay Factors in Construction Project in TamilnaduR.Yalini, S. Alan,, India
16Credential Revocation For Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (Cluster-Based)R.Srividhya , M.Sakthi, India
17Flexural Srength Of Ternary Blended Cement ConcreteA. Sheik Althaf Hussain, Dr. N. Sakthieswaran, India
18A Study On Critical Factors Affecting The Performance Of Construction ProjectsK.Banu priya, R Jayanthi, India
19Robust and Protected Data Hiding in Natural Image Using Steganography TechniqueAbha Sharma, Prof Shreechandra Upadhyay, Prof Rajkumar Paul, India
20A Study On Mechanical Behaviour Of Natural Fiber Reinforced CompositeN.Sankar, V.Chandramohan, India
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