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Volume3, Issue4, April -2015

#TitleAuthor, Place
1Study On Strengthening Of Rc Beams Using Fiber Polymer CompositesR.Gowthami ,A.R.Krishnaraja, India
2A Study On Factors Influencing Construction Contract Claim ManagementK.Sundhar, N.Nandhini, India
3Automatic White Blood Cell Segmentation Using K Means ClusteringSivakumar.S, Ramesh.S, India
4Model-Driven Multidimensional Modeling Of Securedata WarehousesS.Vanitha, S.Gopinath, India
5Detection And Classification Of Bone Diseases Using Thickness ComputationS.M.Sowmiya, B.Manju, India
6A study on minimization of construction waste through work samplingC.Pradeepkumar, S.Loganathan, India
7A Study On Impact Of Stress On The Performance Of Construction LaboursM.Premkumar, R.Rajkumar
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, India
8Optimization Of Coagulant Using Artificial Neural NetworkPrasannasangeetha.A, India
9Mri Brain Tumor Classification Using Artificial Neural NetworkNandhini.V, Karthick.G, India
10Privacy And Effective Personalized Search Engine Using Knn And EccS.Abinaya, Dr.R.Manimegalai
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, India
11Air Quality monitoring system based on zigbee wireless sensor networkG.Kalaimani, Prof Dr.S.Sakthivel
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, India
12Estimation Of Marine Salts Behavior Around The Bridge StructuresSenthilkumar C, Naveenraj V, India
13Fault Tree Analysis Of Wind Turbine Gear BoxM. Prem Kumar, K. Ganesan, India
14Extraction Of Methane From Neem And Coconut De-Oiled WasteT. Manoj, D. Ravichandran, India
15Mechanical and Durability Properties of Waste Foundry Sand Concrete with Carbon FibresS.DurgaDevi, Dr.P.Chandrasekaran, India
16A Study On Impacts Of Change Order In Construction ProjectsM.Gokulkarthi, K.S. Gowrishankar
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, India
17Mechanical and Durability Properties of Micro Silica Concrete with Sisal FibersN.Midhuna ,Dr.P.Chandrasekeran, India
18An Experimental Study on strength and durability characteristicsof Nano Engineered ConcreteC.Mohanaselvan, P.Ravichandran, India
19Study on the Behavior of Self- Healing ConcreteJ.Poovizhi, M.P.Thiyaneswaran, India
20Experimental Investigation On Bendable Composites Varying Fly Ash / Cement Ratios Using Micro Pva Fibers
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E.T.Aarthi, T.Raviprakash, India
21Assessment of Contractors Project Management MaturityV.Palanisamy, K.Vishnuvardhan, India
22Evaluation of Factors Affecting Construction Project Performance ManagementK.Prakash, N.Nandhini
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, India
23A Study on Effective Utilization of Resources in Prefabricated ConstructionT.Vinothkumar, V.Navin Ganesh
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, India
24Light Transmission of Transparent ConcreteR.Pradheepa, Dr. S.Krishnamoorthi
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, India
25Indulgent Download In Vehicular Adhoc Networks1M.S.Sabari, A. Rajavathy jaya priya, M.Tamilarasi,P.Ishwarya, India
26Improving Security And Efficiency Using Tarf In WsnP.Kavya, T.Divya, P.Mageswari, M.Narmatha, India
27Secure Access to Untrusted Cloud DatabasesBoobalachandhravel.T, Prabhakaran.J, Gopinath.S, India
28Multifield Range Encoding For Packet Classification Using TCAMPrabhakaran.J, Boobalachandhravel.T, Muthuraj.S, India
29Efficient Energy Discharging In Mobile Network Via Secondary Base StationS.kiruthika, K.chandramohan
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, India
30Secure Neighbor Discovery Scheme For Dynamic Clustering In ManetS.Robert Kingsly, A.M.Viswabharathy, India
31Secure De-Duplication And Others On Master Data ManagementK.Gowri,P.Vivekanandan, India
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