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Volume2, Issue8 , August -2014

#TitleAuthor, Place
1Behaviour Study Of Light Weight Concrete (No-Fines)S.Sathya bama, K.Banu priya, India
2Criteria Based Rule Induction by means of Hybrid Pruning TechniqueS. Yuvarai, L. Srikanth
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, India
3Civilizing the Power Saving Mode (PSM)Mukesh yadav. S
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, India
4Computer Hardware Handless HumansKrishnapriya.R , Aishwarya.S
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, India
5Determine High Efficacy Itemsets In Spread Milieu Using Gossip Based ProtocolS. Saravanan, L. Kalimuthu
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, India
6Capable Broadcast Services By MAC Protocol In VanetsV.Nandha kumar, India
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