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Volume6, Issue5, May-2018

#TitleAuthor, Place
1Evaluation And Performance Study On Greywater TreatmentS.Madheswari, Mr.S.S.Janagan M.E.,PGDQSV.,, India
2Physio Chemical Treatment On Municipal Waste Water In Tuticorin Region Using Natural CoagulantsSaratha Priya S, Mr. K. Saravana Kumar, India
3Anaerobic Fermentation Using Municipal Solid Waste Amended With Aquatic Weeds As SubstrateMuralitharan V, Mr.S.S.Janagan M.E.,PGDQSV, India
4Biodiesel Production From Distillary Spentwash Using Oleaginous YeastSangeetha .M, Mr.K.Saravana Kumar, India
5removedSoundharrajan N Mr.K.Soundhirarajan, M.E.,, India
6A Study On Improper Management Affecting Cost In Construction ProjectsKiranya K , Mr. Gokul Deepan, M.E, India
7Experimental Study On Structural Behavior Of Shear Beam With Different Fibers ThesisV.Devi, Mr.K.Soundhirarajan, M.E.,, India
8Development of Eco Brick and Concrete with the partially replacement of cow dungDr. P. Magudeaswaran,Hilal .A.S, India
9Study And Implementation Of Efficient Compressor And Adder Based Multiply And Accumulate ArchitecturesVikash kumar, Md.Rameez P.Pavan kumar, India
10Construction Waste Minimization And ManagementArdra T R , Ms. Anchu Ajayakumar, India
11Critical factors influencing Work life balance of the EngineerS. Saran , Mr.R. Manoj Kumar, India
12Sustainability Management In Construction WorksPrabhavathy V, * * Mr. Gokul Deepan, M.E, India
13Meterological Impact On Surface Water Quality In Yercaud LakeM.Chidambaram,K.Soundhirarajan,ME, India
14Study Of Biomass Configuration On The Behaviour Of Anaerobic Batch Reactor In Dairy Waste WaterJayabharathi A, Mr.S.S.Janagan M.E.,PGDQSV, India
15Pilot Reactor Operation Of The Oxygenic Photogranule (OPG) Wastewater Treatment ProcessK.Lingasamy, Mr.K.Soundhirarajan M.E, India
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