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Volume5, Issue4, April -2017

#TitleAuthor, Place
1Manufacturing And Testing Of Plastic Sand BricksMr.N.Thirugnanasambantham,P.Tharun Kumar, .R.Sujithra, R.Selvaraman, P.Bharathi, India
2Experimental Study On The Strengthof Concrete By Partial Replacement Of Fine Aggregate By Copper Slag And Coarse Aggregate By Granite WasteMr.A.Baskar ,U.N.Rameshkumar ,M.A.Vishal, K.Tamilvanan , P.Murugesan, India
3Comparative Study Of Clayeysoil Stabilized By Copper Slag & CoalVignesh.S, Suresh, Donal.S, Vignesh.M ,Saravanakumar.K
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, India
4Geological Interpretation Of Current Sustainable And Uplift In A City As Shown By Satellite Based SurveyingSaravanakumar.K,Vignesh.G, Suriya.T, Subash.S,Vignesh.S, India
5Weather Monitoring System using Wireless CommunicationAyyappadas R, A K Kavitha, Dr. Mary Praveena, Dr. R M S Parvathi,, India
6Historical Flow-Based Detection and Blocking for Outlier Spam MailManimekalai.S, Dr.G.Maria Priscilla, India
7Dynamic Watchdogs Using AODV Protocol For Energy Efficient Trust Systems In WSNsSakthi Priyanka.V, Dr.Jeen MarselineK.S,MCA MPhil ,PhD, India
8Experimental Study on the Behavior of Cold Formed Built-Up Closed Section under CompressionKarthika P, India
9Experimental Investigation On Concrete With Partial Replacement Ofcoarse Aggregate Byrecycled Coarse AggregateA.Baskar, R.Vidhya, J.Swarnambiga , M.Vinopriya, A.Sudha, India
10Intelligent Traffic Information System Using Image Processing and Computer VisionDr.V.Karpagam,Sowmiya P,Swaathi M,Vineesha S,, India
11Experimental Investigation On Concrete With Partial Replacement Of Cement By ZeoliteN.Nirosha, ,C.Suryaprakash, S.Thirumeni, R.Vigneshwaran ,R.Surresh
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, India
12Security Enhancement In Cloud ComputingDr. Rajanarayanan S , Rohit Menon
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, India
13A Low Power VLSI Design of an All Digital Phase Locked LoopP.Ganapathi, P.Pavan Kumar , Naveen Bavana, India
14A study on new class of sets in grill topological spacesS.Kanitha, India
15Experimental Investigation On Concrete Of Partial Replacement On Cement By Sugarcane Bagasse AshK.Saravanakumar ,S.Prabu, M.Poovarasan, R.Praveen kumar ,P.Sathish kumar, India
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