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Volume5, Issue2, Febraury -2017

#TitleAuthor, Place
1High security Authentication for Cloud using Image Based OTP & User ProfileAnjali Singh, Prof. Prateek gupta, India
2A Survey On Recommendation SystemShashank Rathore, Prof.Sapna Choudhary, India
3Security Authentication For Map-Reduce In Big DataSivaprakash.,ME (CSE) , Mr.T.Parameswaran ME.,, India
4Privacy Preserving For Automated Network Traffic ClassificationC.Navamani.,ME (CSE), Mr.K.Jayarajan, M.E.,(Ph.D), India
5A Review On Risk Management In Construction Through Integerated Management System Using Fmea MethodA.Karthic Kumar, Rahul Raj, Suganyayogesh, India
6Non Conventional Method to Generate Electrical Power through FootstepMohd Yousuf Ahmed, Ashraf Shaik, Awaise Ahmed, Afroz Khan
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, India
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